2021 Geboortestad Buurman  Grand Parade Marshal

When one thinks about Geboortestad Buurman (Hometown Neighbors) and what that means, Dave and Deb Mattison are the ones who come to mind!

Dave was born and raised in Baldwin, graduated class of 1972.  Dave started working at his fathers insurance agency (Baldwin Woodville Insurance Agency) in 1976 and continued to do so until his retirement a few years ago. Deb moved to Baldwin after her and Dave got married in 1980.  Deb worked next door at Town and Country and now you can find her across the street at Fennerns.  Dave and Deb recently celebrated the 41st wedding anniversary in May.

The list of Baldwin activities they have been involved with over the years is extensive. Some of them include: Dutchmasters, Boosters, Masonic Lodge, Chamber, Gifts for Children, Queens Committee, Klompen Dancers, and on the boards of many local business and committees. They are also very active with their church Gethsemane.

They have fond memories of Dutch Days and all town celebrations since.  Dave was a member of the Dutch Masters and sang with them for many years. Deb was a Klompen Dancer and their children also participated by helping scrub the streets.  Wooden shoes for everyone, but don’t let those shoes fool you as Dave and Deb are technically not Dutch, both of their family heritage is actually Norwegian, but they didn’t let that get in the way of their good time. After all, everyone can be Dutch for a weekend!

This past year has been hard for difficult for the Mattison family since Dave’s was diagnosed with brain cancer.  The love and support this community has showed for them during this time has been amazing. Which just exemplifies how much love and support they have given this community as well throughout the years.

2021 Buutvrienden

(Neighborhood Friend) Parade Marshal

Deb Hoy moved to Baldwin in 2016.  She is a devoted and loving daughter, amazing wife to CC, and her pup, Finnegan, is her pride and joy!  Deb is a compassionate leader in her job and has led her team through the unrest in Minneapolis, as her stores were directly impacted.  She gave support, strength and courage to her entire work team.  Deb gives to every cause that presents itself and goes out of her way to show support; whether it’s monetary, attending/participating in events, or just showing up “to help the cause.”  When Baldwin was impacted by the floods, Deb didn’t hesitate to give to the community with water donations.  While COVID has been a dark spot for many, Deb once again gave back and donated a tremendous amount of hand sanitizer to the community businesses.

If you ever have the opportunity to meet Deb Hoy, you will not be disappointed.  You will always be greeted with a smile, her upbeat and positive attitude will consume you, and you will adore her laugh!  Deb is an asset to this community and truly is a Buutvrienden (Neighborhood Friend)!

Windmill Days is honored to have both of these community gems representing as our 2021 Parade Marshals.  Remember, next year in May to make your nomination to Windmill Days for who you would like to be the 2022 Buutvrienden!

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