When one village board member questioned whether or not as a whole, the village should recommend mask wearing, another immediately shot it down at the Regular Meeting of the Baldwin

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Village Board for September.

Trustee Duane Russett said, “Let’s just say COVID really does get to our area and settle in, how would the board feel about putting out something that says we really want people to follow our County guidelines and State guidelines? Right now our State says you are supposed to wear a mask anywhere you are inside and that is not happening in all cases. This meeting would be an example if you want to use one.”

“The State mandate says there is certain criteria to not wear one, so don’t start blasting people who are not wearing a mask,” said Trustee Lance Van Damme.

“I have not blasted anybody,” replied Russett. “I am very disappointed and I was hoping we could discuss this before it happens, but if it happens, are we willing to a stance?”

“That would be like a dictatorship,” said Van Damme.

Russett replied, “No. I was thinking just a statement that we would like to see people following guidelines.”

“No, that is not our job,” said Van Damme.

“I think this could be seen as a lack of leadership,” said Russett.

Van Damme replied, “It is not a lack of leadership. We are not out here to make laws like that.”

Russett said, “Not a law, a suggestion.”

“That is not our job. Our job is to run this Village; keep the streets clean and going,” Van Damme said.

“And run a safe Village,” said Russett.

Russett then wondered out loud, if it would be worth it to bring the subject up again in the future if COVID numbers got higher. “Can I just ask for a straw vote on how anyone feels? If everyone else feels like Lance, I am not going to waste my time.”

After some silence, Trustee Austin Van Someren said the board should leave it up to Public Health and the County.

After some more silence, Russett said he probably wouldn’t bring it up again as it seemed like there wouldn’t be support.

Village President Willy Zevenbergen said he would keep wearing his mask.

In other business, the board denied the request to waive impact fees on the expansion project for Woodville Warehousing and installing fence along walking path on Blackduck Avenue.

The board passed rezoning 6th Avenue property from R-4 to R-1-M for Jason Prosser, the BW School pool/athletic field improvements, annexation and development by the Village Church, a three percent water rate increase, a three-year agreement with Chimney Rock Appraisal, a long-range sewer plant cost analysis, Resolution 2020-11 and 2020-12.

They decided to switch to Huebsch for new Village uniforms and mats.

The board approved a wage increase for the Deputy Clerk and voted to place a Stop sign at Pine Street/8th Avenue. Brad Boldt will be visiting Main Street businesses to concerning changes to the plowing the Village takes care of on Main Street.

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