Last week, the Bulletin asked the following question on Facebook:

Instead of what resolutions you want to do for yourself for the upcoming year, the question is what you would like to see done in the world around you in 2020…

We received some responses and ran those last week. We got some more and here are the rest.

I would like to see compassion our God is full of compassion. We should strive to be more compassionate. We need to practice and to try understanding someone’s else situation and the desire to take action to improve their lives (not ours) but to selflessly give. It all springs from one, and that is love. The real definition of compassion is “sympathetic consciousness of others”, it’s more like a vibe or frequency. In order to improve our lives on this earth, which inevitably will trickle to other species here on earth, we all must strive to be more compassionate. That is what I want to see in the world

 Carla Hodges

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