Baldwin’s annual town celebration has made its first major decision: its name. “Windmill Days” was the official name chosen by the event’s Executive Committee at a meeting held September 24, 2019.

“Because the Windmill is on the float, it’s now representing Baldwin, it’s on Highway 63 – people know us for that,” said Village Administrator/Clerk-Treasurer Tracy Carlson, “I would seriously consider calling it Windmill Days.” After a motion made initially by Carlson to officially name the event “Windmill Days”, a vote was taken, and the name stuck. “We have a name!” said Angie Chandler.

After deciding the name, the official Windmill Days Executive Committee was formed. Matt Dougherty was named the President of the Committee with Jeff Plitzner as Vice President. Angie Chandler was nominated to be the Committee’s Secretary, and Tracy Carlson was nominated the Committee Treasurer. After the committee was formed, Darcy Almquist, Candi Phernetton, and Brittany Frede volunteered to be three board members.

The primary focus of the meeting after deciding the Committee was to prepare for the next Village Board meeting and present their ideas to discuss forming under the Village. At the last Village Board meeting held on September 11, Chandler presented the board with the option of operating the event under the Village and was met with some hesitation.

Because of the positive move forward at the meeting, Carlson was confident that many of the concerns that the Village Board might have initially may be less of an issue. “I think a lot of it has already been answered” she said, “We’ve got a name, it’s Windmill Days, there’s a Windmill Days Committee, and they’re going to want to know what the funds will look like.”

Discussions about having separate businesses fund particular events like the parade, coronation, and beer tent were discussed, but nothing was finalized. The newly formed Committee made clear that community involvement was of primary focus and that local businesses and volunteers were sought.

“Now that we have a name, and we have things going, more people might show up to these meetings,” said Almquist, “we’re looking for businesses for sponsorship, and whoever else wants to help is welcome to show up.” “Now we know what we’re focusing on,” added Carlson,

The next meeting for the Windmill Days Celebration is planned to take place next Tuesday, October 1 at 6:00 p.m. to which the Committee hopes that others will attend. “The next meeting will be open to anybody,” said new Windmill Days President, Matt Dougherty.

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