The weather on May 11 turned out better than expected for the reSTYLE & Co. “We are the Midwest” market. Thousands of locals flocked to the Baldwin business to enjoy good food, live music, handcrafted art and projects along with so much more.

Owners Neil and Johanna Schaitel originally opened up reSTYLE & Co. in Hudson back in 2008 but decided to make the move to Baldwin in 2013. Since that time, their “We are the Midwest” event has been growing since the beginning.

“This year exceeded our expectations,” said Neil, “we were hoping for maybe 5000 people, but I bet we had more.” Neil and Johanna have organized this event for five years now, of which the first attempts were a bit humble in comparison. “The first two years weren’t much really. We only had about ten vendors, and I remember the first year the outdoor vendors sold hardly anything,” said Johanna, “but one of those same vendors was here for this event and she said it was amazing.”

This year’s event hosted 47 different vendors from around the area and five local food trucks, all of which struggled to keep up with the constant flow of people attending. “The food trucks all sold out of their stuff,” said Johanna, “Pita Pit had to run back to Hudson, the tater tot vendor had to run to buy more tater tots, and Smokey Treats BBQ sold 70 pounds of pork by 1 p.m.”

With all the fun things for grown-ups to do, the Schaitel’s had to accommodate the younger attendees as well, hosting two face paint artists, two jump houses, and a larger petting zoo for kids to enjoy – including a camel. “We got a camel!” Neil laughed, “we had no idea we were getting a camel until then!”

The event itself began as the “11th Avenue Market” simply because of reSTYLE’s location in Baldwin, but the idea for naming the event “We are the Midwest” began to grow as the event did. “As I was trying to create a local atmosphere, I really liked the word ‘Midwest’,” Johanna says, “Neil and I are both Midwest people; what we cook, how we do things, where we come from – We are Midwest. So, we really wanted to make something that was ours and something that the community could connect to and enjoy.”

Now that the spring event has come to an end, reSTYLE and the Schaitel’s begin looking towards the Fall Midwest Market that arrives on September 21. While Johanna and Neil have already begun planning for that event, they did make the wise decision to take some time to recuperate after their big event. However, they are always looking for new ways to make these events more fun for the community every year.

“We have a few more ideas up our sleeve,” said Johanna, “it was just such a good event and a lot of people wanted to know when it was coming back. Hopefully we’ll be doing some new things soon.”

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