Numerous approvals filled the February 10 meeting of the Baldwin Village Board. Including a refinance that will save the village $54,000 in interest expense.

Sean Lentz said a 2012 general obligation note could be refinanced to save the Village money. “It has a couple years left on the repayment schedule. As of March 1, it will be refinancable and interest rates have come down significantly,” said Lentz. Proposals were solicited to see what interest rate opportunities existed. Six bids came back. There was a tie between two out of town banks for the lowest rates at 1.49 %. “You don’t see that very often,” Lentz said, “I suggest the Board just flip a coin between the two identical offers.” Midwest One Bank out of Hudson won the toss.

Also approved were Resolution 2021-02-Preliminary Resolution Declaring Intent to Levy Special Assessments. This pertains to Franklin Street, 12th Avenue to cul-de-sac at 15th Avenue.

An amendment to Ordinance 224-6-Regulation of skateboards, rollerskates and roller skis was approved.

A change was made to Ordinance 497-8 so the schools, village crew, police, ambulance and fire departments can use ATV/UTVs on village roads. Board member Lance Van Damme said, “We will open it up for just Public Services. They are not going to be out running around all over the place.” 

2081 60th Avenue to be was approved to be a permanent zoning district.

A special exception for signs to Baldwin Travel Plaza at 975 Energy Street was approved. Village Engineer Erik Henningsgard said the Planning Commission had shot down the original request for a much larger sign, but they were satisfied with the reduced size.

An update was given on the village’s new library locker system, which is useful to those who cannot get to the library during normal hours. Village Administrator/Clerk-Treasurer Tracy Carlson said, “It was spendy, but they felt like it a need for the community and the library board approved it.”

The expenditure was covered with CARES funds for the municipality.

Van Damme asked, “Was the price I heard correct?”

“What did you hear,” asked Carlson.

Van Damme responded, “$19,000.”

“Yes,” said Carlson.

Van Damme said with a giggle, “I am in the wrong business. I guess I should be in the locker business.”

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