Tracy Carlson

Tracy Carlson

On an average day things are busy at the administrative offices at the Baldwin Municipal Building. Throw in a presidential election (during a pandemic) and plates become quite full. Recently Tracy Carlson, Baldwin’s Administrator/Clerk-Treasurer, took time out to offer ‘Thank-You’ to everyone who played a part in making the election process run smoothly.

“I want to take this opportunity to THANK the extraordinary people who assisted in running a fair, efficient and

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ethical Presidential Election in the Village of Baldwin. I would like the voters to first understand the magnitude of the work that was done by my staff, chief election inspectors and poll workers.’

“As the Village Administrator/Clerk-Treasurer, I am responsible, by state statute, to manage all elections in the Village of Baldwin. My job is to ensure that all legally registered voters have a right to vote,” said Carlson. She said election duties for herself and her staff include registering voters, managing the voter database through the Wisconsin Election Commission, processing absentee ballot requests and returned ballots, managing in-person absentee voting, arranging poll workers and ensuring everyone’s safety, especially during this pandemic.

Carlson said, “With this Presidential Election during a pandemic, these duties have been daunting and challenging. Our staff worked diligently to ensure all voters who wanted to vote were able.”

Carlson broke down months of work that went into the November 2020 election, which included:

September – By Federal regulations, any absentee ballot request on file needed to be mailed 45 days prior to the election. It takes 15 steps to process and prepare each ballot request. “Our staff of three successfully mailed over 500 ballots by the required due date,” she said.

October – Processed an additional 200+ absentee ballot requests that were submitted either on-line or through the mail.

Oct. 20-30 – Registered 66 new voters (most in-person)

Issued 452 in-person absentee ballots. (These voters actually came to the office to vote).

Recorded over 1,100 returned absentee ballots.

Election Day – Registered 228 new voters

Issued 1,067 ballots to registered voters in person

Processed 1,163 returned absentee ballots, which took 13.5 hours to complete.

Carlson said, “The election could not have run efficiently for our voters without some very extraordinary people. I want to take this opportunity to offer a HUGE THANK YOU to my staff, our chief election inspectors, our poll workers, and the public works department for their unwavering willingness to support the election processes. I wish to recognize the following:

Deputy Clerk Jodi Peterson. This is her first year as Deputy Clerk. She did a remarkable job assisting with all aspects of election management.

Deputy Treasurer Steve Perry. Steve helped manage the office when Jodi and I were in the midst of election duties.

Chief Election Inspectors Kathy Jo Brihn and Debbie Van Someren. Without their oversite and knowledge of election processes, the election would not have been nearly as efficient as it was.

Poll Workers: Dave Herman, Julie Herman, Bonnie Van Someren, Marilyn Doornink, Jackie Schnacky, Mandy Maher, Kathy Lyons, Erika Walquist and Maddy Peterson. Their willingness to sit behind sneeze guards and assist voters for hours speaks to their character and appreciation of the election process.

Public Works Director Brad Boldt and his crew. They graciously built sneeze guards for the safety of the voters and the poll workers.

And finally, thank you voters. You were patient while waiting in line and you were kind to the poll workers on Election Day. If you voted absentee, you returned your ballot in a timely manner. 90% of you who are registered to vote exercised that right. That’s amazing!!

“I encourage the voters of the Village of Baldwin to take time to thank those who are listed here. They are an extraordinary group of people and the Village should be proud to have them be a part of our community.”

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