Among the many topics discussed during the three-hour Baldwin Village Board meeting July 14 were the plans and cost estimates for an emergency services building. 

Corey Brunton and Ginnie Schneider from Brunton Architects presented said plans and estimates. Out of the four possible sites for a new building, the pair believed the site on the west end of Cedar Street would be the best one based on the following factors: 

• Safety Review

• Emergency Response Time Evaluation 

• Analysis of Vehicle Flow

• Topography and Grade

• Ease of Acquisition 

The pair stated construction costs for an ambulance and police building would be between $6.2-6.7 million. If they wanted to include fire, add an additional $2.1-2.3 million. These costs don’t include design fees. 

Brunton warned the Board, the longer you wait, the more construction costs are going to increase. Furthermore, he said, “we never design a facility that can’t be expanded.” 

Said Trustee Matt Knegendorf: “Some of our facilities are well past their prime. Public safety in our community is so important.” 

Trustee Kristine Forbes asked about why Fire should be included to which Knegendorf responded tour the building and you’ll see why. 

The issue with United Fire was it was stated multiple times is it’s a Village-owned building which they lease. Furthermore, United Fire also serves Hammond, Woodville and the surrounding area which is another matter they have to deal with. 

Brunton warned the Board construction costs will increase Jan. 1, so he would prefer bids to be awarded by December. 

The Board agreed to proceed to the next step, which included getting a full scope of project costs. 

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