One of the many agenda items which caused a lengthy discussion during the Baldwin Village Board meeting July 14 was the request to convert tennis courts to pickleball courts at Mill Pond Park. 

Greg Wevers stated pickleball is held three times a week on those courts, but the cracks are getting bigger.

“If we fix those cracks, we might as well do it right, otherwise we will be right back here,” he said. “It’s the fastest growing sport in the nation. If we have four pickleball courts there, people will come.” He presented an estimate of nearly $28,600 for a complete repair. 

The debate then ranged among Board members on whether the Millpond tennis courts get used compared to the school tennis courts and whether or not the school tennis courts are open for the public.

The conversation was settled with the agreement the Parks and Recreation committee will study the matter further. 

Other items

• A financial incentive of $475,000 was approved to KAMI LLC, for the potential apartment complex development on Gracie Drive. This item was another source of great topic among board matters as the need for an apartment complex wasn’t in doubt; the financial amount was as the motion for $548,000 originally failed. The $475,000 amount passed on a 4-3 vote with trustees Amy Jurgens, Matt Knegendorf, Chad Wernlund and Austin Van Someren voting yes. The incentive will be on a pay as one goes scenario with terms to be determined. Paul Tucci from KAMI said construction won’t start until next spring. 

• Approval was given to the Baldwin-Woodville Chamber of Commerce for street closures for its events the rest of the year: The Chili Fest on Sept. 25, The Trick or Treat festivities Oct. 29 and the Horse Parade with Mr. and Mrs. Claus Dec. 4. 

• Approval was granted on creating a historic preservation committee. Historical Society President Leila Albert explained the reason for the creation was to gain more power and stability. “Right now, it’s just me and Darlene (Kongshaug),” she said. “We need more.” 

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