UPS-delivering holiday cheer

If there is anyone who could give Santa a run for his money in the busy department this time of year, it is United Parcel Service (UPS).

AJ Nelson, Human Resources Business Partner Director for UPS said, “We have been busier than normal leading up to our Peak season, with the pandemic creating more home deliveries. Volume numbers for this Peak season won’t be available until January, but we know this much – we are BUSY.”

UPS in Baldwin, WI. and across the nation are looking for new members to join the UPS family. All applicants must apply online at Nelson said, “These jobs are different from many seasonal jobs – they offer competitive wages, multiple shifts, and a chance to come back and start a career. Our seasonal jobs don’t end on Dec. 24 like many retail jobs – due to gift card purchases and returns they extend through the end of January. Most seasonal employees can benefit from UPS’s Earn and Learn program and can make $1,300 toward college expenses, for three months of work.”

Nelson said they are hiring about 100,000 nationwide this year for seasonal positions – that includes 22 positions that are still open in Baldwin. These jobs are, for many, a foot in the door to a permanent job and a career at UPS. “Last year 37% of our seasonal workers came back to a permanent job after the season. About 123,000 current UPSers in the U.S. started as seasonal workers – that’s nearly a third of our U.S. workforce, including many senior company leaders,” said Nelson.

If you see something other than their familiar brown delivery trucks pulling up to your door this season, do not be alarmed. In addition to their delivery trucks, they have used rental vehicles for over 60 years, so rental vans and personal vehicles are the norm. Package security is something many people are concerned about and a great way to deal with that is their My Choice service. It’s free and it sends you a proactive email alert letting you know a package is on its way. You can even follow the truck on line on its way to your house. Another tip is to tell your driver where you prefer to have packages left. They also offer UPS Access Points – convenient retail locations that will hold your package for you to pick up.

Nelson said, “We care about the health and safety of our people and take extensive measures to keep them safe. We follow WHO, state and local guidelines, including physical distancing, providing all employees with PPE, regular cleaning and disinfecting of work areas. Our drivers and all our employees are wearing masks and cleaning high touch areas of their vehicles and our facilities. We now have instituted “touchless delivery” which means you do not have to sign for the package! It’s one way to keep our customers and our people safe this season.”

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