Though a final name has not yet been decided, the Town Celebration Meeting held on Tuesday, August 27, confirmed that the new and upcoming Baldwin event will no longer be called “June Bug Days”. The forming committee has decided instead to send out a survey at a later date with some top choices, giving the community a chance to vote on the name of the new celebration.

Several other ideas were brought up at the meeting with committee members, volunteers and Baldwin residents. One of those discussed was the possibility to substitute the annual carnival with more community involved events. “We have some ideas for day events, and we should have enough going on that the carnival won’t be missed,” said Angie Chandler speaking for the Main Committee. Some of those ideas included a Historical Society organized “History Tour”, beer and wine tasting, bean bag tournament, painting in the park, Amish soap making, sidewalk art competitions, a large community mural and much more.

Plans for where the event might take place were also discussed. Thoughts of bringing the celebration back to Main Street were popular, but also raised the issue of how long the street would be closed down and whether or not enough power could be used for the event.

“If you’re thinking that the street should be closed down for the entire weekend, that conversation should be had sooner than later,” said Carlson, “If you’re thinking that it’s just going to be Saturday or Sunday for the parade, that can all come in the spring. But, if you’re thinking about closing it down for the entire weekend, that will be a different story. That’s a much bigger impact for the community.”

With other factors like local businesses, the Saturday Farmer’s Market, and the ability to power the event, no final decision was reached as to where the celebration would be held yet, but the decision to keep the event during the second weekend of June was officially made.

Commitments have been made by some local volunteers to organize smaller subcommittees for the event, but more volunteers are welcome and encouraged. Forming subcommittees responsible for separate details of the celebration will allow for a well organized event that everyone can benefit from. “I would encourage people to join and give their ideas,” said Chandler before the meeting adjourned, “we’re going to end up making some changes, and I think change brings great opportunity.”

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