Three seek spot  on Village Board

Amy Jurgens is seeking election to the Baldwin Village Board.

When Baldwin’s annual caucus was held January 13, five nominations were made, and out of that, three have tossed their names onto the ballot. 

At the April 6 election you will see the names of Incumbents Doug Newton and Lance Van Damme, along with newcomer Amy Jurgens. 

Back in January, Matt Knegendorf nominated Lance Van Damme for village president, which is currently a seat held by Willy Zevenbergen.

When nominations were called for village trustee, where three positions would be open, Lance Van Damme nominated Doug Newton. Brandon Greene nominated Amy Jurgens. Chad Wernlund nominated Lance Van Damme and Doug Newton nominated Willy Zevenbergen.

Two long time board members have chosen not to return. Duane Russett, sitting trustee, has decided to not run again. Despite the nomination, Zevenbergen has also opted to not run.

Van Damme is running for a trustee seat and village president, which he is able to do. There were four people nominated for trustee; however since Zevenbergen withdrew his name from consideration, it now leaves three trustee seats open and three candidates. If Van Damme gets elected to the president seat and the trustee seat, he will choose which seat he wants to hold and he will vacate the other, which the board will then have to fill by appointment after the election.

The Baldwin Bulletin recently emailed questionnaires out to the three candidates and received a response from Jurgens. 

Tell Readers a bit about your background:

My name is Amy Jurgens. I have been a Village of Baldwin resident for 13 years. I was raised on a small farm in Northeast Wisconsin, and attended a rural school district, much like Baldwin-Woodville. I went on to study at UW-River Falls, and obtained a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Communications. I live with my daughter, and we enjoy Baldwin’s activities, parks, businesses and friendly community. We are very involved with our church family and girl scouts.

What do you feel are the two most important issues

facing the Village and how will you address them?

I believe that maintaining a safe, clean and inviting community is essential to the Village of Baldwin’s success and future. I look forward to working with and listening to our civil workers and residents, in order to keep these attributes as assets for Baldwin moving forward.

I believe that Baldwin residents must both be informed of what is happening within their community, and have a voice. I would like to keep an open-door policy, and encourage residents to share any comments, questions and concerns openly with me, so they can be brought to the village board and be addressed.

Why are you interested in serving the

community and what are your qualifications?

It would be a great honor to serve the Village of Baldwin as a Trustee. This community is very special and important. I feel as though I can represent residents in a kind, respectful and take-charge manner. I have been interested in civil service for as long as I can remember; volunteering in my community, and participating in student governments throughout high school and college. I have assumed leadership roles in nearly every organization I have been involved with. Representing the residents of the Village of Baldwin is a very important, honorable and immense responsibility that I will not take lightly if given the chance to be your Trustee.

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