For its fourth year, the Village Church is partnering with First Reformed Church for its annual Faith Works event that reaches out to aid community members through acts of service. This year’s event takes place from August 1-4 followed by a community dinner on at Millpond Park to which all are invited.

“The purpose is to demonstrate the love of God to the people of Baldwin, Woodville, and Hammond through service projects,” says The Village Church pastor Stu Dix, “it’s just the right thing to do as a church and it’s just so much fun! People love getting out and doing a variety of projects.”

Some of those projects that have been previously completed during the Faith Works event are building wheelchair ramps, building a retaining wall, landscaping and painting projects, and general clean-up projects in the Baldwin-Wood¬ville area. This year’s event focuses on landscaping, painting, gardening and general lawn maintenance for those who have been nominated in need of help.

“Whatever gets nominated, we’ll take a look at it,” says Dix, “people nominate others from their neighborhood, or family members who they think would need some work done and we’ll do any of it – except for roofing! That’s a young man’s game,” he laughed. There are roughly 17 projects lined up for this year’s event keeping those from the Village Church and First Reformed plenty busy.

The level of involvement varies from person to person, but every little bit helps. Some work from Thursday through Saturday directly on the projects, some deliver food to the worksites, and others take care of Bible School. Even the kids get involved in their own “mini missions”. “They’re just little tiny ‘kids sized ‘projects that the younger kids get to do in the afternoon,” says Dix, “so, all told, there are a bunch of people engaged at those different levels.”

“Faith Works has such a real and genuine mission. From little things around someone's house to public areas in our community that could use some extra life, the Faith Works teams can really get a lot done,” says Nicole Burnett of the Village Church, “I don't think enough people take advantage of the nominations early on in the summer. I mean, these awesome people are offering to do work on your house or a place in the community that you love, literally for free. I'm hoping that more people hear about the vision of Faith Works and get on board with it by next summer.”

In celebration of all the hard work put into the projects and outreach, the Faith Works Event concludes with a community dinner at Millpond Park at 4:30, August 4 to which all are invited for free, delicious food and live music to enjoy. “The dinner is for everybody and the food is really good, so we want anybody in the community to come to that,” says Dix. After all is said and done, the goal of spreading awareness of faith and the love of God through the Faith Works event will surely be reached, and the Baldwin community will benefit from the hard work of those involved.

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