Jodi and Jerry Wolske had a lot of free time on their hands thanks to COVID-19.

“I said, we can’t go anywhere, so let’s build (seven-year-old granddaughter) Liillan (Toulson) a playhouse,” she said.

The construction started in late April/early May with an open house held June 19 where Lillian lives on Curtis Street in Baldwin with mom Hilary and father Sam and younger siblings Oscar and Eloise.

The highlights of “The Happy Camper” which the Wolskes got from Paul’s Playhouse included room for a kids’ kitchen (minus the burners), two tables and chairs, curtains, windows that can open and close and a climbing wall for a second floor. They also decked out the Happy Camper with lights as well.

“They love to be on the (second floor),” Jodi said.

The wood was treated, Jodi explained, so they can’t paint it until next Spring. She also added Lillian was very helpful throughout the process asking questions as each step was being completed.

Lillian said the playhouse has been used so far as a drive-thru and a café. They also want to include a bookshelf as well and sleep overnight out there as well.

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