‘The Baldwin Boys’ – Alvin “Bud” Anderson

Alvin “Bud” Anderson

Note: To continue honoring the Greatest Generation, the Bulletin is featuring Baldwin area residents who gave their lives in the Second World War.

On February 15, 1945, Mr. and Mrs. P.R. Anderson became the third set of Baldwin parents to lose a son in the service of his country. They received a telegram that day, informing them their son Alvin, who was most commonly known as “Bud” was killed in a plane crash on the Island of Leyte in the South Pacific.

Bud was born in Woodville on May 22, 1941. He and his family moved to Baldwin not long after, where he lived through the end of High School. He was the valedictorian of the Baldwin class of 1939. While in school he played football, basketball, track and tennis. He was also in glee club and mixed chorus, ran the school newspaper and lead the band as a drum major. He graduated valedictorian of the Baldwin class of 1939. After graduation he attended the River Falls State Teachers College for two years, where he continued playing tennis, was elected class president and served on the student senate.

He returned to Baldwin to work for A.T.&T. for a year before his enlistment in the reserve signal corps on May 8, 1942. Bud served in the Hawaiian Islands for eight months, before returning to the state to attend officer’s candidate school. He was commissioned a 2nd Lt. on May 26, 1943.

He was shipped overseas again shortly there after, and was stationed in New Guinea until the invasion of Leyte in October 1944. He also took part in the invasion of Luzon. He was killed on January 29, 1945 when his flight from Leyte to Luzon crashed in route.

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