Such a small class, with such big futures

2021 Baldwin Christian School graduates, left to right: Sophia Hefner, Anna Stauffer, Brayden Curtis, Jonah Lems , Jessica Betzold, and Olivia Hokanson.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

The future is exactly what stands in front of Baldwin Christian School’s graduating Class of 2021.

Six students, which is a tie for the largest graduating class from Baldwin Christian School, are now prepared to use the guidance and tools that have been given to them during their time there, to make a mark on the world. They all agree going to a small school hasn’t left them feeling like they have lost out on anything, in fact they feel like they have gained.

Two out of the six, Brayden Curtis and Olivia Hokanson, have attended the Baldwin Christian for their entire school career. Throughout the years Anna Stauffer, Jessica Betzold, Sophia Hefner and Jonah Lems joined them. 

Some of these students travel to come to Baldwin Christian School; only one actually lives in Baldwin. Others travel from Woodville, Wilson, New Richmond, Roberts and Hudson.

Despite COVID-19, these students were able to have in-person classes their entire senior year. Due to mandatory shut downs during their junior year, they were forced to learn virtually and were extremely excite to be reunited for their last year.

Curtis said over the years he has grown very close to people at close. “Because it is such a small school, I have been able to connect more with the people around me,” said Curtis. He said he had way to many good memories from his years at Baldwin Christian School and couldn’t choose just one. Curtis plays piano and sings and has future dreams of becoming a musician and possibly an HR manager. He plans to attend Northwestern University.

“My favorite thing about attending Baldwin Christian School is the Christian community. Because it is a small school, everyone is close to each other. We all get along really well, we can talk about our faith and learn from each other,” said Anna Stauffer, who has plans to eventually head off to college.

Hefner agrees with her classmates. She loves the close-knit feel that Baldwin Christian School as provided her. She feels like this year went by very fast. She plans to take a gap year next year.

Betzold said the teachers at Baldwin Christian are very outgoing.  “They don’t just teach, but they connect with us by sharing their personal experiences,” she said. Betzold plans to study architecture or engineering.

Every class no matter how large or small seems to have someone who can be a bit of a “Class Clown” Lems gave off that vibe when he giggled and said his favorite class was actually Study Hall. Lems intends to begin his college career at WITC with the intention of transferring while studying finance.

Hokanson has future plans of being a cosmetologist. She said, “I like going to school here because we get to learn about God and the word.” She has enjoyed having her father for a teacher.  She said, “He is always directing us back to God and teaching us how to be stronger in the Lord. I think that is the most important thing.” 

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