Students selected to WSMA State Honors Band and Choir

L-R: Zoey Kusilek, Dru Beebe, Jamison Gallmeier and Caleb Heimer.

Four Baldwin-Woodville High School students were selected to be part of the 2021 Wisconsin School Music Association High School State Honors Project: sophomore Jamison Gallmeier (Band - Euphonium), junior Caleb Heimer (Mixed Choir - Tenor), freshman Zoey Kusilek (Treble Choir - Alto 1), and sophomore Dru Beebe (Treble Choir - Prioritized Alternate #2). This year, more than 1,100 Wisconsin students auditioned for 428 positions in five ensembles. “We are extremely proud of all the students who auditioned. It takes time, commitment, and dedication to prepare for the audition and it is wonderful to see these students rewarded,” said BWHS Band Director Adam Bassak. 

State and Local Covid-19 guidelines have required the BWHS Music Department to adjust rehearsals, lessons, and performances throughout the school year. Ensembles are divided into multiple hours mainly by grade level, lessons are shortened or abbreviated due to scheduling and class conflicts, and performances have had to be outside or recorded without an audience. “With all the additional challenges of learning and creating music during a pandemic, these students did even more preparation on their own for this audition. Their selection to the WSMA State Honors Project this year truly shows a dedicated work ethic that helps drive our programs.” said BWHS Choir Director Corissa Vought.

The WSMA State Honors Music Project is nationally recognized as one of the finest opportunities for young people. Regardless of a future college major, membership in the High School State Honors Music Project helps set students apart from other college applicants. Students selected for the WSMA High School State Honors Music Project participate in an intensive four day summer camp in June and perform in Madison during late October as part of the Wisconsin State Music Conference. Membership provides you with one of the best musical and personal experiences of your life. 

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