Senator Patty Schachtner (D- Somerset) has processed and responded to 10,612 contacts from her constituents. Via phone, email or US mail, people have reached out for assistance or simply seeking information on legislation.

“As a part of this community, I want to make sure everyone’s voice is reflected in Madison. By contacting my office, folks can let me know what issues they’re having and what insights they have on legislation. We work best when we listen to each other and I look forward to doing that with even more constituents in the future,” said Senator Schachtner.

Senator Schachtner has worked to make her office accessible and responsive. Through listening sessions, community panels, and other events she has connected with constituents and encouraged them to reach out to her office when necessary.

“I am here to serve every single person in our district. Whether they need help accessing veteran’s benefits or assistance securing housing, my office is available to provide support and find resources to get them the help they need,” said Senator Schachtner.

She noted that constituents can reach out by calling 608-266-7745, emailing , or by sending a letter to Room 3 South, State Capitol, P.O. Box 7882 Madison, WI 53703.

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Patty is good at responding but she might want to get around to updating her Patty for Senate website (the only one a search using her name turns up), which has not been revised in over 4 years.

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