The Baldwin-Woodville School Board started the next phase after the passage of the referendum Monday night.

The Board heard from John Huenink from Kraus-Anderson who gave the Board a timeline of what’s next for the pool and facilities upgrades which will be commencing.

To review, the referendum which was passed last month calls for the pool building, the pool and dome and parking and site work to be around $7.2 million and field upgrades to cost $5.2 million.

Huenink explained pros and cons to starting pool construction this fall.

The pros is the pool would be completed by mid-Summer 2021 and be done before the start of the football season. Another pro is the community sees the work getting done sooner. The cons are if the pool starts May 2021, completion wouldn’t be done until Nov./Dec. 2021. Another con would be adding on winter construction costs, which may be in the neighborhood of $50,000. Another con, is creating a safe access to the football field for the 2020 season.

As for the stadium field upgrades, Huenink gave the following timeline:

Design — May to August 2020; Bidding — August 2020; Construction — May 1 to August 15, 2021.

Huenink advised the Board if they want to be involved in any input it will be in the selection of field turf.

Baseball field upgrades would start in September 2020 and be completed by November 2020. Huenink said potential issues could be a rainy fall because it could lead to delays because of the lack of warm sun to dry soils.

The Iverson Media Center

By unanimous approval, the Board approved renaming the High School Library the Iverson Media Center in honor of Carolyn Iverson, who worked there as a Library Clerk and is retiring this year after 49 years of service to the District.

Other retirements which were approved include Colleen Leavitt and Ellen Lindbom. Leavitt worked 27 years as head cook for Viking Middle School and Lindbom spent 24 years as assistant cook for the High School.

New hires were approved for Jennifer Sarauer as fourth grade teacher, Denise Klundt as an 80 percent Speech Language Pathologist and Marra Dietshe as a 40 percent Greenfield music teacher.

Resignations were approved for Lauren Burks as occupational therapist, Andrea Bakkala as Greenfield music paraprofessional and Stephanie Larson as assistant All School Play Director.

Organizational Meeting

The Board elected its officers for the next 12 months — Ken Dykhouse is President, Todd Graf is Vice-President, Jolene Bonte is Treasurer and Denise Monicken is Clerk.

They kept the third Monday of the month at 7 p.m. as its date and time. They approved local banks 1st Bank of Baldwin and Citizens State Bank for local depositories for school district monies and the Baldwin Bulletin and Woodville Leader as official newspapers.

Other action

Breakfast and lunch menu prices for students will be going up 10 cents in 2020-2021. Greenfield lunches will now be $2.45, while Viking and the High School prices will be $2.55. Student breakfasts will be $2.00 for the upcoming year. Adult breakfasts and lunch will now be $2.70 and $3.90 respectively.

Superintendent Eric Russell presented a list of year end expenditures totaling around $185,000 that were mainly technological upgrades which were approved. He explained the District had nearly $700,000 left over for the year. The remaining $515,000 were then transferred into two separate fund balance accounts. Russell explained state funding for the 2020-21 year is unknown at this point, so therefore the District is planning on under the ‘plan for the worst, hope for the best’ scenario.

Approval was also granted for the Junior Hawks to use a classroom and the north gymnasium at Greenfield starting June 1.

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