Multiple personnel changes were agreed by the St. Croix Central School Board during last month’s meeting. 

Hires and appointment changes consisted of Amy Stevens as the high school art teacher, while Ashley Johnson will now be an eight-hour middle school general education paraprofessional. Tatum Hall was hired as the new varsity volleyball coach. Katie Christianson and Elizabeth Fogarty are now full-time virtual education teachers. 

The following resignations were accepted: Bill Emery as an agriculture teacher, FFA coordinator and varsity cross country coach, Isaac Neumann as fourth grade teacher and a C-team football coach, Emily Wech as a Spanish teacher, Adam Sheldon as a C-team football coach and head strength and conditioning coordinator, Milinda Gafford as a high school special education paraprofessional, David Linsmeyer as an elementary student council mentor and Penny Neely as a high school cook. 

What’s Next after Referendum

The Board was also presented with the next stages after passage of the April referendum, in its April meeting, which will include additions to the elementary and high school. 

The process will be broken down into five steps – concept, design development, details, bidding and construction and beyond. 

In the first concept stage, there will be core planning groups developed. These groups will be making decisions regarding “big picture” issues, not details. The groups will be made up of school board, administration, teachers, and community members and will meet approximately four to six times. 

The following phase will develop user groups and will focus more on the details of the design. Those groups are made up of 3-5 people and meet 2-3 times. As a result of the design processes, final construction documents are completed, bidding is done, and construction begins. Core planning group meetings have stared and will likely last into July. 

Enrollment Counts

Enrollment figures were presented. At the beginning of the 2021-22 school year, there were 1,603 students enrolled. The May totals showed 1,614. The freshman class is the largest in the district with 141 students, while the third-grade class had 103 students. The Class of 2022 had 120 students. 

Other items

The Board approved the Baldwin Bulletin as the official newspaper, while Citizens State Bank was named the official depository. 

Breakfast and Lunch prices were set for the 2022-23 school year. They will remain unchanged from the previous year, meaning elementary lunch is $2.55, middle school lunch is $2.75 and high school lunch is $2.85. The adult lunch is $4.65. 

Board meeting dates were also set for the upcoming year. They will be held the third Wednesday of the month except for Dec. (Second Wednesday), Jan. (Fourth Wednesday) and March (Fourth Wednesday). The annual meeting is set for July 25 at the high school. 

In addition, Erica Herink was named Board President. Josh Pettit will be Vice President and Jeff Redmon is clerk. Vince Trudell is treasurer, while Bryan Kofal, David Olsen and Dave Roos are directors.

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