(Baldwin, Wisconsin) June 1, 2019: Sally Torgerson will retire on June 21st after 31 years of dedicated service to the St. Croix County Farm Service Agency Office in Baldwin, Wisconsin. The Farm Service Agency is a part of the U.S. Department of Agriculture and provides financial assistance through disaster assistance, conservation, commodity and price support programs, and farm loans to farmers.

Sally's main duties as Chief Program Technician involved a strong working knowledge and overview of the programs administered by the Farm Service Agency. Over her 31 years, she has been responsible for Payment Limitation, Farm Records, GIS Mapping, Market Assistance Loans, Farm Storage Facility Loans, Margin Facilitation Program and Administration. Sally was the Recipient (along with the St Croix County Staff) of the 1989 Administrators Award and Secretary's Award in recognition for conducting an efficient Disaster Assistance and Livestock Feed Program and completing early disbursement of payments to producers. She also received the 2014 Administrator's award as an individual, which recognized an individual in the nation who demonstrated an outstanding level of accomplishment in providing support. In addition to serving local customers, Sally has been part of a jump team traveling to other Wisconsin Counties, Texas, Michigan and Puerto Rico, to assist with disaster related programs. She also accepted additional responsibilities as a state and district trainer and mentor.

During her years of service, Sally took great pride working alongside of her co-workers to assist and serve the famers of St. Croix County. St. Croix County has approximately 3720 farms and 236,370 acres in cropland.

FSA serves the public by providing all farmers and ranchers access and opportunity to participate in their farm programs. Through these activities, FSA supports the USDA mission and helps ensure a healthful, stable, and assessable, and affordable food supply. FSA also fosters good land stewardship, which will help preserve our agricultural prosperity for generations to come.

The national FSA office guides state and county offices in the implementation of programs legislated by Congress. Farmers who are eligible for FSA program nominate and elect representatives in the local community to serve on the local FSA County Committee. This extensive county-based structure provides FSA a unique position from which to serve rural America.

To learn more information about the programs and services FSA has to offer, contact the St. Croix County Office at 715-684-2874 or visit FSA on-line at www.fsa.usda.gov/ia.

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