August 6 marked the ever popular National Root Beer Float Day at A&W providing the Baldwin community and those coming off Interstate 94 with delicious floats for free. However, the event revolved around more than just sweet treats. The Baldwin A&W worked with Disabled American Veterans (DAV) to raise money for the veterans who served totaling in $1131 dollars during the event.

“We’ve always supported veterans since the beginning of A&W,” says Baldwin A&W owner Anthony Walker, “the first A&W stand in Lodi, California was set up to welcome home the troops during World War II in 1919, so we’re happy to continue that tradition of supporting our troops.”

After working first with the Wounded Warrior Project, A&W recently shifted their attention to the DAV and contacted chairperson Lenny Shier who visited Baldwin to inform customers receiving their free root beer floats. “We raised only a few hundred dollars last year compared to $1131 this year,” said Walker, “it seems to be growing a little bit each year – having Lenny there to talk to people was great. It really helped.”

At the end of the day, the Baldwin A&W gave out roughly 845 root beer floats all the while helping to give back to the veterans that served this country. In regard to making the community happy, and helping the troops in any way possible, National Root Beer Float Day is something that Walker and A&W can take pride in.

“We love giving away our floats because it’s our staple product and people love it,” says Walker, “and knowing that it’s good for our community and goes towards a good cause makes the whole day worth it.”

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