Queen’s Corner - Baldwin Windmill Days

The Royalty enjoy their events before giving up their crowns in June.

Hello all, and welcome to another Queen’s Corner! It is so crazy that our year is almost over! Although our year has been quite interesting, we have still been able to get out into the community and do some good. We have helped at the community dinner at Gethsemane, helped collect food for the food pantry and we even rang bells for the Salvation Army at Nilssen’s! Along with volunteering, we were also able to attend the Luck parade (even though it was -37 degrees we still had a blast!) We also virtually attended the Cumberland coronation and while we watched, we packed goodie bags for the cancer patients at Western Wisconsin Health with the Woodville court! In February, we got to meet the three wonderful candidates running for Miss Baldwin! They are Dru Beebe, Halle Bignell, and Annika Offner. After meeting with these three, I am confident that Baldwin will have an amazing 2021-2022 Miss Baldwin as all three possess qualities of a queen. As we are introducing our new candidates, they also get to attend events with us! These include the Syttende Mai parade on May 15, the Roberts parade on June 6, the Western Wisconsin Open House where we will be doing face painting on June 9, the community dinner on June 10, and, of course, Windmill days and the coronation where one of the three amazing candidates will be crowned the next Miss Baldwin. The last thing the Miss Baldwin court is doing with the candidates is the Miss Baldwin rose sale. It is the biggest fundraiser for the Miss Baldwin royalty program, and it is a big way we fundraise for our dresses, sashes, events, and our fantastic float driver, Gary.  It will take place on May 7th from 3:30-7:00 and May 8th from 8:45-noon. The roses are gorgeous and are a perfect gift for your mother for Mother’s Day. If you are interested in buying roses, you can buy the day of the sale, or you can pre-order through the candidates or royalty to ensure you receive flowers. We thank you for all your support and we are truly blessed to have this opportunity and have such an amazing community to represent. 


Kendall Forehand, Miss Baldwin 

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