Pierce County Public Health identified an outbreak of COVID-19 in an apartment complex in the City of River Falls over the weekend. Three households have members who tested positive this week and 11 other people are currently displaying symptoms. All ill individuals and their household members have been isolated or quarantined until they are no longer infectious.

“Public Health worked with management of the apartment complex to notify all residents of the outbreak. Management is also going to do extra cleaning of common spaces. Each household is cooperating with Public Health and has agreed to stay home until we can determine they are no longer infectious,” said AZ Snyder, Health Officer.

Residents of the complex have been advised to closely monitor themselves for symptoms and call their healthcare provider to request a test if they become ill. Public Health has also requested that residents avoid close physical contact with each other, including not allowing children to play together.

“The health concerns and impacts from this virus are real. COVID-19 is in our community and we need to continue to be vigilant and socially responsible in order to limit the potential spread throughout our community and into the most vulnerable of our populations”, said Mayor Dan Toland.

All impacted residents have been, or are being, notified and public health officials have contacted people who were known to have prolonged close contact with the ill individuals. Neither Pierce County nor the City of River Falls will identify the apartment complex at this time.

As a reminder, anyone that is not feeling well should stay home and avoid potentially spreading an illness. Those with mild symptoms should contact their healthcare provider and request testing. The community should continue to practice physical distancing and respiratory etiquette. Persons with questions or concerns are encouraged to contact their medical provider or the county

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