Despite the school year ending in March, Madison Peterson felt she crammed as much as she could into the abbreviated year.

“Although our year was cut short,” the Baldwin-Woodvile senior explained. “I am glad I made the most of it by attending as many sporting events to support my fellow classmates and making as many memories I could with some of my best friends,”

Peterson certainly stayed busy during her high school years. She was the girls basketball manager for three years, part of the Forensics team for four years, involved in the Art club, SOS (Students Offering Support) and student council where she was the Senior Class President.

“Through high school, I always enjoyed my classes,” she continued. “Some of my favorite classes were mainly with Mrs. Schmoker. Whether it was Basic Life Skills, or the Baldwin-Woodville Catering class, I always seemed to learn so much and still have loads of fun! Mrs. Schmoker is one of the most caring people in that building. I also had a ton of fun in Mr. Stitt’s AP Chemistry class. Although science isn’t my favorite, he kept us all interested, and entertained!

“…I miss walking into the school and saying hi to people in the hallways, checking in with people, and being able to have interesting conversations with the teachers. I also miss being able to go to the events hosted by the school. Whether it was sporting events or things like homecoming week or snoball week!”

College for Peterson will be the University of Wisconsin-River Falls to major in Agribusiness Management and minor in Dairy Science.

“I choose River Falls because I have always had a passion for agriculture from growing up on my family’s farm, and being a part of 4-H,” the daughter of Jeff and Jodi Peterson said. “River Falls has a very large reputation for their agriculture program, and I can’t wait to gain more knowledge about the industry through this wonderful school.”

When the COVID-19 news initially broke, the chances of having a graduation ceremony looked bleak. Yet, with the recent news that Baldwin-Woodville set a July 25 graduation date, it was music to Peterson’s ears.

“As most of my other classmates would say, I wish I just had one more day where I knew it was my last,” she explains. “On March 17, when I walked into school, I had no idea it would’ve been my last day walking in as a senior. I appreciate the efforts made by the school administration to still give us seniors a graduation. I am willing to wait until July because our whole class has put so many years into this day, and I hope that it isn’t taken away from us because of COVID-19, I completely understand that everyone’s safety should be put first, but if we can wait this out and safely do a ceremony, I would be beyond grateful.”

When that ceremony occurs, Peterson will feel like her collegiate years will begin.

“At the moment, I don’t feel like a college student,” she said. “I feel like our class hasn’t got any closure that a normal graduating class would’ve gotten. I think that when all of our classes are officially done, and we start making set and stone plans for a graduation, I will start to feel like I am a college student.”

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