Neil Kline got a taste of the political world working for Sheila Harsdorf when she was a former State Senator and as the Secretary for the Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection.

Now, the 24-year-old wants to take the next step as he announced Monday his candidacy for the 29th Assembly District.

Kline made his announcement at two locations in the District – the BeWell clinic in Baldwin and Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College (WITC) in New Richmond.

Those two locations were targeted for a reason as health care and education are two of the issues for why he ran.

“WITC and BeWell are both shining examples of innovative and effective efforts to address real needs in the communities they serve,” Kline said. “By giving individuals the training, they need to support themselves and their families, employers the skilled talent they need to run a successful business, and the healthcare both need to lead healthy, productive and happy lives, these two places strengthen communities across the 29th Assembly District.”

The third and final issue is jobs and economic development.

“I also believe we must continue the important work of ensuring Wisconsin is a business-friendly state,” he said. “Controlling taxes and regulations are key to this effort. At the same time, we must be sure to look for innovative and effective ways to train and retain talent in Wisconsin.”

He expanded more on the value of education and its importance to him.

“As the son of a teacher, and someone who believes deeply in self-improvement,” he explained. “We must work to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to attain an education that provides rewarding employment and that can support them and their family. This will not only power their own future, but the future of our communities. I believe it is especially important that students make a successful transition between high school and technical college, trades and apprenticeships.”

Kline, a Republican, graduated from Unity High School in 2014. During his senior year, he took courses at UW-Stout. He then attended UW-Madison, graduating in 2018. It was during that time, he worked with Harsdorf.

“She told me to be myself and to listen,” he said. He currently lives in New Richmond and works for a bank in St. Paul.

Kline also was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes last year, giving him a deeper appreciation of health care.

“I will always vote to protect preexisting condition coverage and bans on lifetime insurance coverage caps,” he said. “I will never vote for any legislative proposal which I fear would endanger your access to high-quality healthcare now or in the future.”

If elected, Kline believes he can succeed in achieving bipartisanship.

“It takes listening and respecting everyone’s viewpoints and considering them,” he said.

About the 29th Assembly District

The 29th Assembly District, which encompasses eastern St. Croix County and western Dunn County, will be an open seat this November as the incumbent Rob Stafsholt announced late last year, he is running for the 10th Senate District seat this November. Stafsholt, a Republican, is trying to unseat Democrat incumbent Patty Schachtner.

“I also want to recognize and thank Rob Stafsholt for his work representing the 29th Assembly District over the past four years,” Kline continued. “He has been a tireless advocate for the 29th, and western Wisconsin is better off as a result of his hard work.”

John Calabrese, the Democratic nominee in 2018, announced his candidacy for the seat last year.

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