A 34 word post on Snapchat triggered a firestorm in many ways.

It caused those named in the post to fear for their lives.

It sparked a high school to go into lockdown, evoking flashbacks of one of this country’s darkest days of the last 25 years.

It initiated not one law enforcement agency to investigate, but two.

It also resulted in the post’s creator being charged with multiple misdemeanors.

Isaiah M. Jafferi, 18, Baldwin, was charged with sending a computer message with a threat to injury or harm, disorderly conduct and misdemeanor bail jumping. Jafferi created the Oct. 1 post which caused the Baldwin-Woodville High School to go into lockdown status the final day of Homecoming festivities.

Jafferi was charged in Eau Claire County Circuit Court last week because he was in that county when he published the post.

According to the criminal complaint:

Baldwin Police responded to the high school the morning of Oct. 1, where they were shared the post which lead to the complaint.

Over those 34 words, Jafferi compared a student to Eric Harris, one of the two Columbine shooters; he listed two more students as being the reincarnated versions of Rachel Scott, the first victim of the Columbine massacre. His final line was “I took Columbine in front of all of you at school and got in my backpack.”

Police spoke to all three students. The first student compared to Scott took the ending of the post as Jafferi, who was a student at Baldwin-Woodville, had something in his backpack that would cause something similar to the Columbine shooting and she would be the first victim.

The second student expressed similar thoughts, stating she felt scared for her life.

The student being compared to Harris stated he hadn’t talked to Jafferi in over a year and had no idea why he was mentioned. The student provided police with multiple Snapchat posts Jafferi created with the general theme of them being reincarnation.

Police drove to Jafferi’s residence and were notified he had been staying with his grandparents all week in Eau Claire. Tracking of his phone confirmed it.

Eau Claire Police were now involved and found Jafferi at his grandparents’ residence where he was arrested without incident.

The interview process started with Jafferi stating, “I said a kid was Eric Harris reincarnated.” When police asked him if any other messages were sent, “No, I just talked about God,” was his response. He also confirmed he posted the two students were reincarnated as Rachel Scott.

When asked why he needed to get into backpack, Jafferi grew frustrated and didn’t answer.

Police asked him why those three are reincarnated, to which Jafferi stated, “because I know they are.” He later went on to state the posts should not make people feel scared, but aware there is a God.

When police pressed him if the three names he mentioned should be scared, he replied, “I called out all my disciples” and named “Paul, Peter, Simon, (and) Nathaniel” as his disciples.

Why not the three names mentioned as his disciples, police concluded, Jafferi replied, “people exist because they are allowed to be forgiven” and “energy does not die.”

The threatening messages and disorderly conduct charges carry a penalty of $1,000 and/or 90 days jail, if found guilty. The bail jumping charge stems from a St. Croix County case in which Jafferi was charged with battery and disorderly conduct pertaining to a May 2021 incident. The bail jumping penalty is $10,000 and/or nine months imprisonment.

Jafferi’s next court appearance is a 9 a.m., Nov. 9, competency hearing scheduled in Eau Claire County Court. He was released from jail on Oct. 4. Court records show during his court appearance Oct. 7, a signature bond was set.

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