Baldwin-Woodville High School announced its December Students of the Month. The High School had a few more students to honor this month not only due to the caliber of students but these kids stood out in so many different areas in our career and technical areas. These students have all gone above and beyond in their varied areas of interest.


Braxton Larson

Braxton has continued to overachieve and work hard on making sure we have the best yearbook possible. Braxton can be counted on to complete the photo assignments and his work is always exemplary.


Jayden Joa

Jayden Joa is a sophomore at Baldwin-Woodville High School. He is currently in wrestling and a member of Baldwin-Woodville FFA. Jayden Joa is a fine young man that goes above and beyond in his Agriculture class. He is a role model for others by working hard on his school work and helping others. He has volunteered to help take care of animals and plants in the greenhouse on the weekends. Jayden is currently serving as B-W FFA's Sentinel.


Evan Hilmanowske and Austin Haney

Evan is a student who is always giving his best effort in class. He is a student who looks to fully solve any problem he encounters in the lab and classroom.

Austin is a student who excels in attention to detail. Time after time he proves he can create high quality work.

John Bierwerth

John is a great student who works hard in school and out of school! If something is broken in the shop or not working properly, he is the first one to try and solve it. He has a great apprenticeship right now that is very likely going to lead him to a full ride college scholarship! He is a model Technology Education student!


Warick Weyer and Dawson Lee

Warick is a student who is able to successfully solve problems he encounters in the classroom with a high level of professionalism.

Dawson is a student who sets high level goals for himself and he has the skill set to achieve them.

Mason Hanson and Kody Hillstead

Mason and Kody have been leaders in the FCCLA classes and team. Their leadership has helped raise money for so many great causes from our Catering Classes throughout the holidays. We are truly proud of all of our students but these two stood out.

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