On May 16, Greenfield Elementary invited friends and family to attend their 11th Annual Art Show. Students from all classes had the opportunity to display their hard work and talent in the form of name pattern designs, clay sculptures, water color paintings and much more.

Greenfield Art teacher, Erin Johansen, starts preparing for the art fair in the first month of the school year. “I truly enjoy hosting an art show for my students – I feel it’s the perfect way to capture the year we’ve shared together in the art room,” she said, “new projects and new artists are showcased each year and some projects are always a favorite and return each year!”

Artists like Piet Mondrian who was well known for his geometric style paintings taught students to use that same style in their own work. Some made hearts with the same “Mondrian” geometric painting style, others worked together to make a large “Mondrian” mural displayed at the event.

Another artist that Johansen taught her students about is Laurel Burch, a designer and businesswoman well-known in the art community for her abstract paintings of cats. Many of the students’ own cat paintings and drawings were displayed around the art fair, showing the creativity and artistry of the Greenfield artists.

Students also had the opportunity to pick up a form to enter their own design for the 2019 Chili Fest Button Contest. Last year’s winning design by 6th grader Madison Dickhausen was up for display for a bit of inspiration for this year’s designers. All entries were submitted by May 20 and a winner will be chosen before the 2019 Chili Festival.

By the end of the event, many proud students, staff and family members came to see the beautiful artwork this year’s Greenfielders created. “it’s always so exciting to see a big crowd enjoying the art that the students have been working on this entire school year at Greenfield,” Johansen said, “the artists in the show put a lot of time and energy into their art and it’s exciting to see the kids, families, teachers and community appreciate what they’ve created.”

In a note to the students, Johansen and Art Paraprofessional Holly McKeever said, “Thank you all for creating such amazing pieces of artwork this school year! We’ve had a lot of fun watching you create and appreciate all you do to help make our school such a welcoming and beautiful place to learn.”

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