A special sliming at Greenfield Elementary

Principal JR Dachel got slimed, as a reward for the students’ success in the Kids Heart Challenge program at Greenfield Elementary. Greenfield was one of the top fundraisers in the entire U.S. See story on page 2.

Students raise more than $61,000 for Kids Heart Challenge

This year, Greenfield Elementary students raised over $61,000 for the American Heart Association’s Kids Heart Challenge program. The school has been participating in this fundraising program for the past five years. Mr. Jon Curtis, Mrs. Amy Wolske and Mr. Chase Nelson the school’s physical education teachers use Kids Heart Challenge to teach their students, the importance of living a healthy lifestyle, as well as the importance of giving back to the community.

Mr. Curtis loves participating in the program because “Our students get so excited about the Kids Heart Challenge.  I think that’s why it brings us such joy in doing it.  They absolutely love it and we love providing them with this opportunity.” Jon also talks about how the Kids Heart Challenge unifies the school, and how that unity ultimately led to the school’s fundraising success. This year, Greenfield Elementary was one of the top fundraisers in the country. They are currently in second place, behind a school from Los Angeles.

Renee Davis, a Development Director with the American Heart Association says: “Greenfield Elementary and the community of Baldwin, Wisconsin continue to amaze me! We are so grateful to Jon & Amy for all of their hard work, and to everyone: students, teachers, parents and neighbors, who played a role. Thank you for making an impact, thank you for saving lives.” 

In February, the staff at Greenfield Elementary rewarded their students for their fundraising efforts with a slime challenge. Students were able to slime either: one of the two principals: Mr. JR Dachel or Mrs. Tiffanie Grodevant, or one of the two PE teachers: Mrs. Wolske and Mr. Curtis. 

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