Franklin Street residents brace for construction zone

Mike Stoffel

Those who live on Baldwin’s Franklin St. from 12th Ave. to the cul-de-sac poured into the Municipal Center last week for a Public Hearing on special assessments for public improvements.

Residents affected by the upcoming changes were able to ask questions to Mike Stoffel of Ayers and Associates, the project engineer.

“The project will involve the replacement of the water main, the sanitary sewer, the roadway including curb and gutter and gravel, breaker run, fabric and also the extension of the storm sewer,” said Stoffel.

He explained the village accesses certain cost portions of the project to the property owners. “Thus you saw the Special Assessment notice, the map, the cost estimate for the overall project and the individual assessments by property owner,” Stoffel said. 

He stressed the schedule is preliminary and the final number could go up or down. He said the final assessments are made in the fall, once the project is complete. Stoffel said, “The actual amount of work that gets down is all you are going to be charged for.”

Stoffel said the project is tentatively scheduled for bids April 8. The project could start in June and will take approximately three months. 

Stoffel explained some of the driveways being affecting are challenging due to their steepness. 

Homeowners can individually make the decision to have concrete or asphalt poured for the aprons of driveways to the street to match whatever currently exists. If a property owner plans to change the current make-up of their driveway, they can let the village know what their plans are.

It was decided home owners do have the option of hiring a different company to come in and pour their apron, but they need to relay that to the village and it needs to be done before the completion of the project.

Residents are welcome to reach out to Stoffel to have any remaining questions answered concerning the construction.

In other business, it was decided to have Sean Lentz solicit proposals for the sewer treatment plant project for interim financing.

Nate Lee was present to work out finishing a remodel project at 1150 7th Ave. Citations have been being issued due to the property’s outside incomplete condition. “As long as you start working on it, we will stop fining you,” said Board member Austin Van Someren. Discussion took place over what constitutes “completed” and the amount of time that will be allowed before citations continue to be sent to Lee. “Please just get it done,” said Board member Lance Van Dame. “Fair enough,” replied Lee. He said he would work on the getting the project finished.

A donation was given to Botony Belles and Beaus, as is done each year for flowers and pots.

The Board approved a request from Jodi Peterson for a time change for Main St. closure for Windmill Days.

The Board also lengthened the COVID PTO policy for Village employees to May 31st.

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