Fourth graders visit school forest, compose poetry

Mrs. Veenendaal’s fourth grade explorers have enjoyed visiting the Giezendanner School Forest each season that they have been in school.  The fall showed us beautiful leaves, snowshoeing in the winter allowed us to follow animal tracks, and the spring showed off bright green leaves and beautiful flowers. After studying and writing poetry in April to celebrate Poetry month, the explorers wrote free verse, shape, acrostic, and Haiku poems after their spring hike. 

Acrostic poems:

The calming trees are peaceful.

Right and left you see them everywhere.

Everytime wind blows, the tree leaves swing.

Everywhere in forests,

Swing day and night.

Eva Freese

Tall piece of nature

Repeatedly awesome everyday

Extremely good

Every single tree is important

Super important 

Hayden Gossett

Fast, flexible, fun  

Running around in the woods

Out of your sight

Good at catching flies

Colton Midtling


Red ones standing tall.

Purple flowers blooming bright.

Hiking here is fun.

Aliyah Weber

The birds are chirping

You hear woodpeckers pecking

See birds flying high

Camryn Ferg

Fun dandelions.

Dandelions in the sun.

Playing all the time.

Colton Midtling

Free Verse:

Traveling in the deep woods.

Rushing through the leaves.

Either path I don’t know which to take!

Either path is fine. Just follow the line.

Seeing different birds is fun. 

(Chloe Burch)

In the school forest we hike.

In the school forest we listen.

And in the school forest we write.

(Elliot Fritz)


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