Farewell to Russett and Zevenbergen

Duane Russett (left), Tracy Carlson (center) and Willy Zevenbergen (right), during the gentlemen’s final meeting.

The Baldwin Village Board will look quite different from here on out. Two very familiar faces to residents chose not to run for re-election and leave a combined total of 41 years behind.

Duane Russett has served as a Village Trustee since 1999. Willy Zevenbergen started his stint as a Village Trustee in 2002. He has served as President since 2011.

The two sat in on their last meeting April 12 and received certificates from Village Administrator/Clerk-Treasurer Tracy Carlson.

Carlson said, “They didn’t want anything special said about them or done for them, so what I did for a point of reference was putting together a few stats.”

Carlson then listed changes that have taken place in the Village during their years of service:

•The population of Baldwin in 2000 was 2667; today it is almost 4000

•12 annexations for a total of approximately 527 acres

•Over 700 residential units have been built

•Economic Development has boomed: Gracie Drive, Industrial Park and expansion of numerous businesses. Additions to/of restaurants and the hospital, etc…

•Main Street project

•Expansion of Village Services

•The budget in 1999 was 1.1M; today it is 4.1M

•Addition of Village parks

•Upcoming sewer plant project

“In 20-22 years, these gentlemen have seen a lot. I think we owe them a HUGE thanks for their service to the Village,” Carlson said.

Zevenbergen responded, “I would just like to say ‘thanks’ to all the village workers. You guys are the faces of the village, not us. You make our jobs easy by what you and you service our community extremely well. I am proud to have worked with all of you.”

Following Zevenbergen, Russett said, “He said it well, so thank you.”

In other business, the Village Board approved the following:

•Western WI Health maintenance building

•Parking lot plans for Baldwin Travel Plaza

•BW Youth Ball Association to use Mill Pond Park fields and concession stand

•Julianna Johnson to use Mill Pond Park for fundraiser May 22, 2021

•Main St. partial closure for Hogg Pen fundraiser for United Fire August 7, 2021

•Picnic license, beer garden permit and dance permit for Windmill Days

•Bid for Franklin St. project to Stout Construction

•Ad-hoc committee of emergency services building project

•Purchase of body cameras for Police Department

•Resolution 2021-03 - Support for a Strong State and Local Partnership regarding state shared revenue program contributions

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