The long lasting spell of extremely cold temperatures has left many to say, “Next season please!” Relief is on the way, as within the next week the temps will (fingers crossed) get above freezing.

Although it has seemed unbearable outside, no records have actually been broken during this cold snap. The record minimum temp was -33 degrees Fahrenheit in 1972(with records only going back to 1972). A minimum air temp of -46 was recorded in both 1972 and 2019. A representative from the National Weather Service said, “There is a lot of missing data for our Baldwin site, so it is very possible the low is colder than this.”

Number of Days with Max Temperature less than 0 degrees:

•2021, 7 days 

•2019, 4 days

•2018, 4 days

•2017, 5 days

•2016, 3 days

•2015, 4 days

•2014, 8 days

•2013, 2 days

•2010, 2 days

•1973, 4 days

•1972, 3 days 

The most recent comparable temps in Baldwin occurred in January of 2014. The representative from the National Weather Service said it is hard to determine/’break’ records because there are so many variables to compare. 

The end is certainly in sight. We should be ‘warming’ up by the middle of this week, with minimums returning to above zero into the weekend and continuing. 

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