Burnett Dairy Cooperative is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2020 Alpha Award:

• 1st place: H&W Soldner Farms, Turtle Lake, WI

• 2nd place: Brad & Sheanah Voeltz, Emerald, WI

• 3rd place: Raymond Dairy, Inc., New Richmond, WI

• 4th place: Kyle & Sara Mathison, Cumberland, WI 

• 5th place (3-way tie): Marshland Farms, Inc., Cushing, WI

• 5th place (3-way tie): Gausman Farm, Grant Gausman, Baldwin, WI 

• 5th place (3-way tie): Val-O-Mo Farm, Elmwood, WI

The Alpha Award is Burnett Dairy’s annual milk quality award given to the top five dairy farms based on average somatic cell count (SCC) for the fiscal year, with the lowest SCC average receiving top honors. Due to a three-way tie, seven farms received the honorary award. The winners were recently announced during Burnett Dairy’s virtual 53rd Annual Meeting of the Members.

“The Alpha Award is another way to recognize our farmers for going above and beyond,” said Burnett Dairy Cooperative CEO David Gaiser. “Milk quality is very important to Burnett Dairy as the highest quality milk makes the highest quality cheese.”

While the Alpha Award is a year-end recognition, Burnett Dairy also offers milk quality bonuses throughout the year to farmers achieving a monthly SCC average of 150,000 or less.  

“We appreciate the hard work our farmer-owners put into their operations on a daily basis,” said Gaiser. “The milk coming into our Wilson and Grantsburg plants continues to meet and exceed quality standards, and results in the premium cheeses we all love.”

To learn more about Burnett Dairy Cooperative and its products and services, please visit www.burnettdairy.com.

About Burnett Dairy Cooperative: Burnett Dairy Cooperative is a farmer-owned cooperative headquartered near Grantsburg, Wis. Founded in 1896, it’s a place where farm families work side-by-side with crop and dairy experts to produce the highest quality milk, from the ground up. With the guidance of Master Cheesemaker, Bruce Willis, its award-winning cheeses are Masterfully Made™ with inventive flavors and inspired quality for retail, deli, foodservice, and private label customers. 

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