COVID crumbles cookies, but class gets creative

During a previous year, students in Angela Schmoker’s class bake to raise funds for the community during the holidays. Since baking is not an option this year, they are asking for donations to help area residents.

For almost 25 years students in Angela Schmoker’s Family and Consumer Education classes at B-W High School have used dough to benefit members of the community. The twists and turns of 2020 did not see them giving up on the annual fundraiser. In order to give to area residents this year, the students just needed to switch the type of dough they were working with-from cookie dough to cash.

“I began ‘Cookies for the Community’ in 1996. It has run continually

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every Christmas season until the COVID pandemic has not allowed me to bake in the classroom with the students,” said Schmoker.

Schmoker’s heritage is German and Polish, but she grew up in Spring Valley with its strong Norwegian background, so it was natural that she grew up learning how to make Norwegian treats that have been devoured by many area residents.

Schmoker spent her first year teaching in Green Bay and has been with Baldwin-Woodville School District ever since.

She said the fundraiser began as a result of a state grant focused to teach students entrepreneurship.

Schmoker said, “We are not able to do our annual giving in the same manner as in past years due to the pandemic but with the help of kind and caring community members, creativity has allowed us to build funds and we will still be able to deliver substantial gifts to the residents of Norseman Manor in Woodville, Wi, the residents at the Baldwin Care Center and gifts and food for a Baldwin-Woodville school district family.”

She said in an average year, 65 students participate in the project and raise around $5,000.00.

“I have completed this project for 25 years and every year I am humbled by the student’s initiative, drive, and dedication to the project. Baking over 15,000 cookies and making hundreds of pounds of candy in a three-week time frame is not an easy process. It is hot, stressful, and tiring but the kiddos give up their own free time to ensure every order is filled. It is the students’ goal to ‘give’ and they make sure it happens, sometimes baking late into the night or delivering gifts during the beginning of their holiday vacation. I always have a great group and they never fail at teaching me something new,” Schmoker said.

To donate to this year’s fundraiser people can send donations to B-W high school c/o Angie Schmoker or see the GoFundMe page on the B-W school’s Facebook page.

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