12 years ago an idea came to fruition that spurred a yearly donation the Baldwin-Woodville Backpack Buddy program. This year, those involved were not going to let a pandemic stop them from raising money for the important program, they just had to cook up a new way of going about fundraising.

Bowls for the Soul was Shannon Kamm’s (Art teacher at BWHS) Masters project she created 12 years ago. “I wanted to create a food assistance program that was funded by a community event held every year. Bowls for the Soul is a soup supper, and silent auction held during a home sporting event during the winter months.

Students at all three schools make ceramic bowls that are purchased the night of the event. The proceeds from the Bowls for the Soul event are used for the B-W Backpack Buddy Program. The backpack buddy program provides food assistance for students and their families during the school year at our elementary, middle, and high schools,” said Kamm.

The Bowls for the Soul team typically serve over 500 people at the event in a normal year. They knew early on that due to COVID, and the restrictions for indoor activities and dining, they would not be able to host it this year.

Amanda Finke (BWHS Mathematics and Chemistry teacher) approached Kamm before winter break about the cookbook idea because her sister was organizing one for the elementary school she works at in another district. “Shannon loved it; so we ran with it! Shannon’s art club students are creating the artwork featured in the cookbook. For some of them, this may be their final opportunity to showcase their talents before graduating and contribute to Bowls,” said Finke.

A Google form was shared with all B-W students and staff in January. The goal was to have Baldwin-Woodville families contribute their favorite recipes to make this one-of-a-kind keepsake a district wide effort. Over 350 recipes were submitted by the end of January.

Cookbooks can be ordered through the B-W Online Purchasing Center (see Community Education page on the District’s webpage) or by completing the form included in this week’s Baldwin Bulletin. Hard copies are also available in each building (Greenfield: Erin Johansen; Viking: Morgan Trunkel; High School: Shannon Kamm). Cookbooks will be distributed this spring. Orders will be accepted through February 26, 2021.

The team would like to give a special thank you to their sponsor, Donaldson, for generously printing their book. They said, “The impact of this endeavor for the B-W Backpack Buddy Program will be tremendous due to their partnership.”

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