U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin sent out a press release touting child care and early childhood education advocates supporting the Build Back Better Act, which is promising lower child care for working families, expanding access to high-quality universal preschool and increase wage for workers.

“The Build Back Better Act will lower child care costs for working families,” the releases states. “The legislation also establishes and expands high-quality preschool programs for three-and-four-year-olds, with programs available in schools, licensed child care programs, and Head Start programs. In addition, Build Back Better increases pay and support for providers.”

The releases also includes statements from those in the early childhood field throughout the state and it includes a local one.

“I have been in the early education field for almost 40 years. I have been a licensed family child care provider for 15 years. Since I have been providing care, I have seen how devastatingly unvalued this field has been. Child care is an essential component to our economy. Parents cannot work without dependable care and cannot afford to pay more. Employers suffer when parents cannot come to work because they do not have child care for a variety of reasons,” said Holly Hale, Owner of Holly’s Little Red Wagon Child Care in Roberts. “And, finally, both family and group child care programs are barely making ends meet financially and, although there is a high need for care, there are not enough early childhood teachers to fill the positions, forcing centers to close whole classrooms. It is essential that investments into child care are made to help ensure a stable economy and to support the early childhood workforce with the important work that they do.”

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