The BW Marching Blackhawks began their 2019 season with their annual Band Camp this past week. The group rehearsed and stayed at Viking Middle School in Woodville for the week. Students participated in sectional and full music rehearsals, drill sessions, team building exercises, and activities. Parents chaperoned, organized and prepared meals, altered uniforms, helped students in need, built props, drove buses/semis/trailers, donated food and time, and so much more. "It truly is a team effort to allow us to be successful," said Adam Bassak, BW High School Band Director. "All the work the parents do allow myself and the staff to focus on the show and the students, so we can create the best product possible."

This year's show is titled ABSENTIA and will explore the absence of what we take for granted in everyday life, whether it be sight, sound, friendship, light, love, or color. The band is looking at what it would be like if we couldn't experience these things in their full capacity. How we would feel and if we would still make those connections in our mind. They will use the music of Depeche Mode, Disturbed, and the Rolling Stones to tell their story.

In addition to their regular season schedule the Marching Blackhawks will also be traveling to Cedar Falls, IA for a Bands of America National Regional and performing at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis for Youth in Music Championships. "We have a great chance to perform and compete in large venues this year," said Bassak. "Watching and performing with some of the top groups in the nation is an incredible opportunity for our students and helps give great exposure to our community."

This year's staff includes Adam Bassak-Director, Mike Marcantano-Designer, Ben Helmrick-Assistant Director, Abby Mason-Student Teacher, Jordana Brady and Alexa Rimer-Colorguard, Chris Boyd-Brass, Robert Bauer-Woodwinds, Andy Eklund-Battery Percussion, Shawn Muench-Front Ensemble. There are 91 students currently involved in the show this year.

Students are selling raffle tickets to help fund the added competitions. First prize is four tickets to the Packers vs Redskins game on December 8 plus added amenities, Second prize is $1000 cash, and Third prize is a $500 gift card of choice. Drawing is Saturday, September 7, 2019 at 9:15 a.m. at Baldwin-Woodville High School. You do not need to be present to win. If interested, please contact a band student or call 715-684-3321 ext. 4120.

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