Jessica and Tiffany Schmidt hope Baldwin’s newest store, The Schweet Stop, which opened July 1, can connect with generations young and old.

“We believe life is all about the memories you make with the people you love,” the owners said. “Our hope is that this will be a place for families to come together and reminisce about great memories of the past while building new ones with the next generation.”

During the soft opening, they were on their way.

“We’ve had adults coming in crying because they remember the treats, we’ve had here were similar to the ones their Grandmas and Grandpas had,” Tiffany said.

The pair which ran a gift service out of their Hammond home, were looking for a brick and mortar place to expand their business and focus on the previously stated vision.

They believed a candy and pop shop would fit that.

Yet, when plans got going COVID-19 came into their world. The obstacles which came with that at times put things to a halt, but the finish line was always there.

“We can make this happen,” Jessica said. Added Tiffany: “We had to keep the momentum going.”

With no opportunity in Hammond, the pair looked to Baldwin and felt with its location on 780 Main Street and the cabin traffic, everything was coming into focus.

“We’ve felt the love and the support the Baldwin community has given us,” Jessica said. “We want to help them just as much as they help us.”

In addition, Baldwin didn’t have a store like this previously and with the local candy market being as it is -- Tremblay’s in Stillwater which targeted sweets and fudge; Knoke’s in Hudson specializing in chocolate and nuts (The Schweet Stop will carry some Knoke’s, the pair added), going with the nostalgia angle made even more sense.

Customers can feast on old-time relics such as Abba Zaba Bars, Bazooka Bubble Gum, Beamans and Clove gum, Turkish Taffy, Old Fashioned Hard Candy, Big League Chew, Bit-O-Honey and Bob Ross Flavor Palette Paintbrush Dipping. Pops in a bottle would include Bubble Up, Dad’s or Crush.

For those who want to feel adventurous, The Schweet Stop also carries “The World’s Hottest Gummy Bear”, which is equivalent to 900 jalapenos. A waiver needs to be signed before purchase. The pair said last week four men have been brave enough to try it so far and all four have been brought to their knees.

The pair also promised to change things up as customers will be asked what candies you remember as a child and they will try their best to bring them in. So far, the pair have traveled to the Wisconsin Dells and Viroqua, Wisconsin for pop products.

“Tell us what you love, what you miss,” they concluded.

As of now, The Schweet Stop will be open 10 a.m.-8 p.m. Wednesdays-Sundays. Social distancing guidelines are in play, they said, so online and curbside orders are available for those who choose.



Baldwin-Woodville Chamber of Commerce members were on hand June 24 for a ribbon cutting at The Schweet Stop.

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