Baldwin welcomes Drug Test Midwest

Baldwin-Woodville alumnus Dustin Klanderman has brought his successful business home. The owner of Drug Test Midwest moved the business’s Roberts office over to Baldwin the beginning of December.

“The office in Baldwin has better visibility and we have quite a large client base in Baldwin and Woodville area already.  We think the move will be a great fit.  We also have an office in Menomonie that is very busy. Right now, we are in Baldwin three days a week,” said Klanderman.

He has lived in the Baldwin-Woodville community his entire life. Klanderman is a B-W graduate and a school board member for 15 years.  He currently lives outside of Woodville with his wife and kids. He said he started the business in 2010 part time while working another full-time job. Klanderman said, “ By 2014 we went full time.”

Klanderman said, “We have clients nationwide which includes companies with one driver, and we have a client with over 400 employees.”

Drug Test Midwest offers a variety of services including employer, personal and court ordered drug-testing services. 

•Employment Drug  Testing:

Urine or Saliva: 

rapid testing and lab- based testing with

confirmation services

•Breath Alcohol Testing

•Hair Testing for adults. 

•Drug Exposure testing  for children

•Fingernail/Toenail  Testing if the

situation  requires it

•DNA Paternity testing

Also offered is Department of Transportation Testing, including in-house consortium services.

“We also have a large background check business. Employers nationwide use us, along with many property management companies. This can be done online through our system at the comfort of your home or office,” said Klanderman.

Baldwin’s location of Drug Test Midwest, LLC is located at 545 10th Avenue, Suite A. You can call for an appointment at 715-309-4717.

To learn more about Drug Test Midwest, visit

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