“It’s definitely not a call you get every day,” said Baldwin police officer Zach Paul recounting his duckling rescue in the beginning of June, “it was on 12th Avenue near the railroad tracks. A couple across the street called in saying that they could hear some quacking coming from the storm drain.”

Paul responded to the call to find a few ducklings stuck in a drain without their mother. Upon finding them, Paul’s first thought was, “I don’t know how I’m going to get them out of there.” That’s when he had to get a bit creative. “I guess you can say I went fishing,” he said.”

“Flashlight in my mouth, fishing net in one hand and minnow net in the other,” Paul recalled, “at first I could only see three of them, but I ended up getting 11 altogether.” After his ‘fishing’ expedition, Paul was able to climb out and let the couple who had called in know that the rescue was complete.

“I’ve always loved wildlife,” he said, “we found out later that the mom came back. That made the whole thing worth it.” Being a police officer is certain to have its surprises, and as for ‘fishing’ for ducklings goes, “it was definitely a first,” Paul said

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