An attempted escape from the St. Croix County jail has two new charges placed against Brandon Lieffring, 37, the New Richmond man charged with the July death of a 39-year-old Dustin Kalland.

Lieffring has been charged with repeat attempting escape and criminal damage to property after an inmate alerted jail personnel of questionable activity taking place in Lieffring’s cell, according to the criminal complaint.

The complaint said during an inspection of Lieffring’s cell, it was discovered the grate from around the smoke detector was not secure and screws were missing from areas of the cell. A toothbrush with a screw and metal piece from the smoke detector grate were found under the mattress, as well as dominoes and playing cards wedged between one of the bars and the window. The bar had a cut in it roughly 1/4 inch deep the full width of the bar.

Although multiple inmates relayed not wanting to be called “snitches” and wanting to “stay out of it”, interviews with 10 inmates gave investigators information including loud banging noises were often heard coming from Lieffring’s cell, Lieffring had been seen “going at his bars”, and Lieffring said he wanted to escape. It was also said Lieffring may have been getting advice relating to breaking out from an inmate who previously resided in his cell, but was not currently incarcerated.

Lieffring is in jail on felony charges of first-degree reckless homicide, homicide by use of a vehicle, fleeing an officer and knowingly operating while suspended causing death.. He also was charged with misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia and five felony counts of bail jumping after a July incident where during pursuit, a stolen jeep driven by Lieffring allegedly struck and killed motorcyclist Kalland in Deer Park.

Lieffring’s next court appearance is set for Aug. 20.

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