Jenna Wojan

Jenna lives in New Richmond, WI, and has been working creatively her whole life. As a professional graphic designer, she is passionate about trendsetting, researching, ideating, and solving problems. Design should be simple, beautiful, and unfettered.

Her personal work delves into the world of mixed-media analog collage. She explores the surreal, the erotic, and the delightfully strange with her hand-cut collages - oftentimes juxtaposing dreamlike shapes and images with symbols of pin-up Americana. “I’ve heard collage artists described as bottom feeders of the art world, but I see it as creating something entirely new, similar in the way one’s conscious mind takes day-to-day mundane activities in waking life and turns them into bizarre dreamscapes when lights are out. This method of creating allows me to step away from technology and make something tangible - something real - something really WEIRD.”

James Boutin

James produces images of nature made from brass, copper and aluminum. He lives near Webster, WI, where he spends much time hunting, skiing and just walking in the woods. Most family vacations involve skiing or scuba diving. James’ love of fish comes from scuba diving and keeping aquariums of both fresh and saltwater fish. “I live near several lakes in the northwestern part of Wisconsin, and I hardly ever fish. I make them in my shop. I find great satisfaction when someone chooses to take the things I have made into their home.” Recently James has added birch trees to his creations.

 Two painting workshops with Paul Oman at artZ Gallery:

 One-Day Painting Workshop with Paul Oman at artZ Gallery., Thursday, January 23, “Painting 2-Against-1 Value Patterns, 10-4.

One-Day Painting Workshop with Paul Oman at artZ Gallery, Thursday, February 6,” Painting Dramatic, Emotional Skies” 10-4.

To register, call Paul at 715-790-2029 or register at artZ Gallery.

 artZ Gallery is an artist-owned and operated gallery with changing monthly exhibits featuring member and guest artists. artZ Gallery is located at 208 Keller Ave., Amery, WI. Artists interested in exhibiting can get application information at the Gallery or visit the website:

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