What makes an Anytime Fitness work?

Let Jameson Hanson, the co-owner of the newest Baldwin business explain it.

Hanson compares a client walking into Anytime Fitness for the first time comparable to a first timer learning about the financial world.

Most first timers could get a basic handle of the stock market, he says, but wouldn’t one want to seek out a financial advisor to customize one’s needs better?

That’s what Hanson and the staff of Anytime Fitness, located at 725 Energy Street in Baldwin, is preaching. The physical fitness and exercise chain opened its newest chain last month.

“We are all about accountability,” Hanson said. When a first timer walks into the Baldwin Anytime Fitness, General Manager Brandi Johnson will be there to greet them. Hanson explained Johnson will get a handle of the client’s goals or health needs and then depending on the trainers’ area of expertise assign the client to the selected trainer. The two full-time trainers currently on staff can provide around 15 hours of coverage daily, so Hanson believes that shouldn’t be a concern. Once the client becomes a regular member, they will expect phone calls or texts to remind them of goals/expectations.

How it came to Baldwin

The 6,500-square-foot facility came about when one of Hanson’s closest friends moved from southeast Minnesota, where he lives to this area.

As conversations ensued, the friend told Hanson and business partner Dave Jacob, you guys should open an Anytime Fitness in Baldwin.

The pair, which already own three locations in southeast Minnesota, became intrigued with Baldwin and got the wheels in motion.

“We were finding either a lot of people worked in Baldwin and wanted to get a workout over lunch or a lot of people lived in the Baldwin area and commuted to the Twin Cities,” Hanson said.

Hanson explained they looked for locations north of Interstate Highway 94, but the undeveloped area, south of 94 and along US Highway 63, appealed to them even more.

A plus for clients, Hanson said, is if anyone is Anytime Fitness members at the Hudson, New Richmond and River Falls locations, they can go the Baldwin location as well, even though they are under different ownership.

Another factor what drew them to Baldwin was its size. As Hanson says, him and Jacob would rather have a couple of hundred clients they all know rather than a couple of hundred thousand in which they know. One of the locations they own is in Byron, Minnesota, a city which is about 1,000 people more than Baldwin.

Anytime Fitness

The health and fitness chain have over 4,500 locations in 35 countries. Its corporate offices are in Woodbury, Minn.,

Hanson said a switch was made in business philosophy recently from being 24 hours/seven days a week convenience to more of focus on training/coaching. Members can still gain 24/7 access, however, he said.

Hanson touts the location’s equipment if one wants to improve their cardio, strength or functional training. A studio was also built if one was to do Zumba, Pound or Yoga.

“We take pride in having a beautiful facility,” Hanson said. “You’re going to find this location has the same values and morals which are preached from corporate.”

If one has questions about their diets, Hanson said, staff can help as well.

“We love to serve the healthy needs,” he continued. He said he read a recent Forbes article, in which one of every five people age 18-26 consider themselves a Vegan or a Vegetarian.

“You can’t outrun a bad diet,” he explained. “Getting healthy and having a well-balanced diet is more attainable than what it used to be.”

Office hours are Mondays-Thursdays 10 a.m.-7 p.m. and Fridays 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturdays will be by appointment. For more information, one can contact 715-688-9413.

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