A new agreement will allow qualified Chippewa Valley Technical College students to enroll in Wisconsin’s leading university as transfer students.

The University of Wisconsin – Madison and CVTC recently finalized the Liberal Arts-Associate of Science Transfer Program agreement.

“This is a tremendous opportunity for area students who would like to earn a degree from Wisconsin’s most prestigious public university to begin their journey at CVTC,” said Dr. Julie Furst-Bowe, vice president of instruction at CVTC. “The program will allow them to earn credits toward that degree at much lower cost and while living close to home.”

Under the agreement, UW – Madison will offer a transfer contract to students who begin as college freshmen in CVTC’s Liberal Arts – Associate of Science program and declare an intent to use the contract to gain admission to UW-Madison. Students must still meet requirements for admission to UW-Madison and meet specified levels of academic achievement at CVTC in order to transfer. Students must also meet any additional requirements for admission to specific UW-Madison programs.

The program requires students to earn a minimum of 54 transferrable credits before transferring and may use UW-Madison credits for completion of their associate degree.

"We are pleased to partner with CVTC to provide an enrollment pathway to UW-Madison" said Andre Phillips, director of admissions and recruitment. "The academic foundation CVTC students will obtain in the Liberal Arts-Associate of Science program aligns nicely with many bachelor’s degree offerings on our campus for a seamless transfer process.”

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