No one should seek their own good, but the good of others. - 1 Corinthians 10:24

Lately I keep coming across stories of people who have given of their time and resources, even when they did not think they had enough, only to find out after they were being blessed beyond imagining. I have done a bit of reflecting on that. In a time and place where most of us live with less than many others, but much more than we actually need, giving away some of what we think we cannot do without may actually free us of some unnecessary burdens and allow us to see some blessings we have long been missing.

I think of time and food especially here. These are simple everyday things we all deal with. Most of us worry about our health and weight to one degree or another. As I continue to try to lose weight, I have had to change my eating habits and lifestyle. It has meant getting off the couch and exercising so I wasn't just sitting there watching TV and eating, cutting back portion sizes, and making healthier choices about food. There have been some interesting side effects to this. Besides losing the weight I also have more time, energy and food at my disposal. It has been a struggle to make the changes though.

As I read the above passage, I wonder how much easier it would be if my focus was different? What if I worried about my weight loss and healthy food choices not for me, but for my family? If I looked at exercising as an opportunity to walk or play a sport with my children rather than a chore? If I looked at time away from the TV as an opportunity to visit with friends and neighbors rather than a way to stay away from the junk food? What if I chose to cut my portion sizes back as a way of being able to give more (either to the food cupboard or by cutting back the grocery budget to give more money)? Small changes in my focus from self to others would help me feel much better about myself and what I was doing, because I was doing it to help others. Sometimes the things we read in Scripture are not as much about Divine rules as about simply living in a more purposeful manner...everyday common sense to make our lives easier!

May you change your focus on the things that are most important in life. May God's word not only inspire your spiritual life on Sundays, but your everyday living in the world! May your blessings be a hundredfold!!

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