Adoray Home Health and Hospice and Adoray Treasures from the Heart is excited to announce that $22,390 has been raised for the “Raise the Roof” fundraising campaign to help fund a new roof at the Adoray’s Treasures from the Heart Baldwin 1 store.

Adoray is a not-for profit organization that provides home health, palliative, and hospice services to western and northwestern Wisconsin. Adoray is reimbursed by insurance companies and private payers for our services, most of revenue goes into personnel costs, and providing patients that do not have the ability to pay the ability to still have in home medical services. The Treasures from the Heart stores were developed 20 years ago to make up any funding difference needed to keep Adoray Home Health and Hospice running as a sustainable organization that provides the region with in-home medical services and brings nearly 100 jobs to this region.

Adoray has selected Fischer Roofing out of Ellsworth to replace the much-needed flat roof. Fischer is a leader and expert in replacing flat roofs in this area. The roof is expected to be replaced in November and will take one week to complete. The store will remain open for their normal business hours during the roof replacement. Fischer Roofing donated a three-day trip that was auctioned off at Adoray’s Masquerade Gala Friday, October 11.

“We are honored that the staff, volunteers and the community came together to raise the funds needed for the community organization, said Kelsey Derrick, CEO of Adoray. “As a not-for-profit community-based organization, it was very important to us to find a local company to do the project. We are proud to partner with Fischer Roofing for our roof replacement.”

This year both Treasures Baldwin stores needed significant repairs to their buildings to ensure the stores were compliant with the Village of Baldwin’s fire code. These repairs include installing new sheetrock, ceilings, and major electrical work. These repairs totaled roughly $35,000. Now due to natural wear and tear to the buildings Baldwin 1 needs a new roof and HVAC system.

If you are interested in making a tax-exempt donation to the Adoray foundation, please visit our website at

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