Loretta Pederson

For the month of December, artZ Gallery presents four area artists

Julie Adams

Julie has been a member of artZ Gallery since 2010. Her creative endeavors started with drawing, graphic design and printmaking in college, then watercolor painting during her art-teaching years. Since retiring, experiments with acrylic ink, collage and assemblage have been a learning experience with varied mediums and artistic styles. Wood, fabric and metal pieces become shapes and textures in a landscape or parts of a face. “I am often inspired by the views from my studio window. I believe with time and hard work, I can make the vision happen.” Most recently, Julie has revisited her earlier illustration background, intrigued by line and forms in black and white, but presenting in a new way. “Change keeps me moving forward, learning without expectations.”


Loretta Pedersen

Loretta learned to knit when she was five. As a young adult she knit with cheap yarn from big box stores, then she discovered the spinning wheel which opened her world. “After filling our city house with stinky wool, my husband and I moved to a farm in this area. Over the years we have raised sheep, goats, llamas and alpacas. There is more to do with fibers than I could do in a lifetime. I am going to give it a good try!”

Judy Hostvet/Paulson

Being a member of artZ Gallery in Amery, Wisconsin, since the very formation of this highly rated art establishment, has helped Judy to learn new ideas, techniques, attitudes and validation of what seems to come from mediums that she has used.

These mediums are many and include the exploration of watercolor, pastels, handmade paper, creative felting, drawing, collage, acrylic, alcohol inks and assemblage. At this writing, her curiosity has led her to an exploration of non-objective texture and color. Her studies have interpreted what surrounds her in Northern Wisconsin, on the banks of the Willow River. Judy’s background is in education. “As I happily continue my relationship with artZ, I am assured that I’ll be learning from the many talented members and guests that come into our gallery. I know that as my journey continues, welcome new changes will be seen in my work.” Judy is from New Richmond.

Han Huisman

Han is a native from Holland. Before he came to the USA, he worked as a molecular biologist at the University of Amsterdam. After he earned a PhD, he did research on the Origin of Life and worked twenty years on AIDS. Thirteen years ago, he worked in the USA as a neuroscientist focusing on modern afflictions like ADHD and anxiety. Five years ago, Han started to work for pleasure only on art. Han states, “A major theme of my work involves a clash of cultures. I experiment with different and contrasting artifacts and technologies. If I can see clean lines, how they co-exist as a piece of art, I continue to completion.

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